Chronicle of Besnit 031

Chronicle of Besnit 031


Chronicle of Besnit 026


They actually have a group called BTB Gor drove me to drink.  I so understand this joke.  By The Book Gorean RP can drive you nuts, but I would rather go BTB than GE or Gorean Evolved.  GE Gor should have the label Disney stuck on it.  More to the point BTB Gor says “My ball, my rules.” and GE says “Rules, we don’t need any stinking rules.”


Chronicle of Besnit 010


The Typist behind Lucian is very interesting.  See she has a Scottish accent, yeah she is not a typo.  Pup does not hide the fact that he is Real Life female.  It’s there to see on Lucian’s profile if you look.  I was certainly grateful to meet another crossplayer, and we have had our share of laughs regarding the role reversal…