Chronicle of Besnit 031

Chronicle of Besnit 031


Chronicle of Besnit 011


In the time since this panel was created there is a new Innkeeper in Besnit and Dieter is not the city Commander any more.  People have things happen and they move on or need to take a break or the stress of a position in a City makes them have Real Life health problems.  It happens.  I do miss them both and hope I will see them again…

Chronicle of the Sanctuary 003


The plants and Bugs in this picture are from Papillon Breedables.  In 8 years I have played with just about every breedable…


This shot of Ubar Baja Boa from Besnit is entirely unprocessed.  His Real Life Family could use some prayers just now.  His brother In Law Passed away about an hour ago…  Just remember that my Prayers go with you and yours my friend…