Chronicle of Besnit 026


They actually have a group called BTB Gor drove me to drink.  I so understand this joke.  By The Book Gorean RP can drive you nuts, but I would rather go BTB than GE or Gorean Evolved.  GE Gor should have the label Disney stuck on it.  More to the point BTB Gor says “My ball, my rules.” and GE says “Rules, we don’t need any stinking rules.”


Chronicle of Besnit 024


For those of my followers that follow just for the pictures of Besnit I am sorry to say that I have pulled out of Gorean RP at this time.  I had to Deal with Real Life.  I have a husband that feels abandoned to a game.  A son that is failing in school.  The After effects of my Aunt passing and medical needs to reduce stress.  So if you don’t see me around the city you know where I went.  I still have a great number of very good shots I can use so there will be more of Besnit.  Just not anything of Recent Events…

Chronicle of Besnit 021


This picture was taken in the Black Larl Inn.  I have never found a good caption for it.  Right now my oldest sister is in the hospital and will have to have her gal bladder removed.  It’s not as major as it could be but if things get hectic you might see more pictures without captions…