Chronicle of Triscalia 014

Chronicle of Triscalia 014

The RP was not originally planned this way but but after having an elixir blow up in her face she was left sitting in Sick bay for nearly 24 hours without proper medical care.  Perhaps if her eyes had been properly flushed with saline and she had been put in stasis her eyes could have been saved…

Chronicle of Triscalia 005


Here Sarrow tends garden with Alice.  She is defiantly a nice person…


As a Bonus I include a painting that I did using my new Wacom Intuos Art pen tablet.  my skill with art has been developed over years.  I have played with many different mediums.  My favorite of course being a thick watercolor.  The pen tablet allows me to use what I learned with traditional media, but add a few more tricks.  This painting took me 2 days.  It is deceptively simple.  Finding the right effect to give the Nebula effect was the hardest part.