At the time I first met Furry he was selling BattleBeast Dragons.  Form there he went on to keep Buildables Botz and now last I checked he was into Evo breedables which include Fairies and Mini Mammoths called Yukas as well as Shoals Clams.  It’s a good thing he has a sense of humor because I also got him wearing my hair bows.

The most common gags in Second Life revolve around things done to avatars while the person is AFK.  There is the invisible box you can’t get out of.  Dropping objects on someone’s head or sticking odd objects including thought balloons next to their avie and taking a picture.  One of my sister’s favorites involved an invisible landmine.  Though in a combat meter zone if you forget to set your meter to AFK and walk away you could come back and find yourself killed or taken prisoner.  So friends will hit the avie of some one who forgets so they come back low health and remember to set AFK next time…


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