Chronicle of Besnit 033

Chronicle of Besnit 033

Sorry I did not get a post up yesterday.  I was in a bit too much pain.  Please note that though I am not Rping in Besnit I still know of important things that happen there…


Chronicle of Besnit 032

Chronicle of Besnit 032

The choice to accept a character Death in Gor is not easy.  Though some say it is not truly Gorean if you do not.  Word reached me that the Ubara of Besnit had been assassinated and that my friend had chosen to accept the Character death.  So I climbed out of my sick bed and returned to Besnit for her Pyre taking a moment to compose my thoughts before the funeral began…

Chronicle of Triscalia 014

Chronicle of Triscalia 014

The RP was not originally planned this way but but after having an elixir blow up in her face she was left sitting in Sick bay for nearly 24 hours without proper medical care.  Perhaps if her eyes had been properly flushed with saline and she had been put in stasis her eyes could have been saved…